Jamie was featured on a BBC documentary, re-creating some bronze-age tin jewellery on BBC1 South West – entitled ‘Mystery of the Moor’.

When archaeologists unearthed the contents of a tomb in a remote part of Dartmoor 18 months ago, they had no idea they were about to find an internationally important treasure trove.

Academics and scientists alike were fascinated by the well-preserved findings from this prehistoric cremation burial chamber, which allowed them one of the best glimpses into life in Bronze Age Southern England that they have ever had.

The horde included prehistoric jewellery, an animal pelt and finely executed tailoring. Most remarkable of all are beads made of tin – the earliest hard evidence of tin production found in the South West.

This absorbing programme highlights ground-breaking work by internationally renowned archaeologists as they get to grips with how this discovery is painting a picture of Bronze Age society – and as a consequence, how North Dartmoor is being reconsidered as an area of prehistoric importance

Presenter Mike Dilger is on hand as scientists and craftspeople attempt to re-create more secrets from the tomb, including a delicate tin-studded animal hair bracelet and yo-yo shaped ear studs, the earliest evidence of wood turning ever discovered in the country.

Most thrilling is when Mike and the TV crew are present when archaeologists reveal the contents of an intricately coiled bag, unopened for 4,000 years.

And of course Mike will be trying to solve the most tantalising mystery of the moor: who was the person that was honoured with such a burial?

See the Mystery of the Moor at 7.30 pm, Friday 7 February, on BBC One South West.