I am happy to undertake commissions. These can be variants of the designs and shapes in the displayed jewellery, or alternative designs, shapes or symbols of your own choosing. I can also make any of the displayed pieces, or their variants, out of gold. For those who like the contrast between silver and gold in my rings, but want a wholly gold ring, I can replicate the contrast using different coloured gold – for example, combining rose and yellow gold, or yellow and white gold.

My most common commissioned pieces are wedding rings, however I have also made a wide range of more unusual pieces that include box trophies, bagpipe ferrules and shaped brooches or pendants (see examples below). If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please contact me. We would talk it through and I would let you know whether what you want is within my skill range. Once we have decided on a design, I would give you a time-scale and price, and on the basis of this you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the order.

8 piece necklace in 22ct yellow and 9ct white gold
Bagpipe ferrules with 18ct yellow and 9ct rose gold
Dragon pendant with 18ct yellow and 9ct rose gold
Sterling silver snake link chain